Building on the success of its inaugural event last year, GCO brought together its female employees for a two-day offsite retreat to address the challenges and opportunities related to diversity and inclusion.
Frédéric Zanklan, CEO of GCO, kicked off the event, which took place on April 22-23, 2024, on the Petite Côte. He expressed his pride in the participants’ commitment and engagement to the company’s and group’s key objectives, particularly the goal of achieving 30% female managers by 2026. The Senegalese subsidiary is well on its way to achieving this goal, with a current rate of 25.8%.
An overview of the company’s progress in improving working conditions for women was presented, providing an opportunity to acknowledge the management’s achievements and collectively reflect on ongoing projects.
Diverse workshops and presentations enriched the perspectives of the participants. The seminar concluded with a talk by a personal development coach.
This initiative has strengthened the bonds between female employees. They are leaving the seminar proud to work for a group that places the empowerment of women at the heart of its priorities.