over 98%
of the extracted sand
is returned to the dune
after recovery of
the mineral content.

268 hectares
were restored in 2020.

Regular dialog with the community

As early as the exploration phase, GCO has reached out to local and national authorities and the community to hear their concerns. Dialog forums have been set up to offer a shared vision for development (read here). Guarantees have been provided to reassure communities that the project can be developed responsibly, while creating value for everyone.

Training: a key lever for success

In 2013, GCO trained 300 young people in the Diogo region through a partnership with the National office of vocational training (ONFP). Qualification courses at Lycée Technique de Thiès covered 12 different occupations, from mechanical maintenance assistant to industrial unit operator, environment officer, and electrical maintenance specialist. Participants gained qualifications that will aid in the development of their region.